Saturday, April 14, 2007

CafeGroundZero Banned from Somepoetry.con

ha ha! A so called moderator on a site I'll just call Somepoetry has banned me for three days.

In honor of the would be regulator and leech who goes by the user name symitar, I have decomposed the following of her message:

site Ban

* A moderator, with approval
from a manager,
found that someone
broke the rules enough
for us to refuse
access to the site
to them for a time.

* This ban was placed on: cafegroundzero

"All hail "caf? ground zer0 !!!"

* This ban started on 2 hours prior to 5:40 a.m.

* This ban will last until Apr 17 2:01 AM

* If this (manifestation on the web page,
this person looking at the screen,
was not caf?, please contact
the pompous assholes and bitches

at bans@somepoetry.con

The poet who goes by caf? has earned 3 days off--

--oh joy! oh la dee dah! oh whoop tee doo!

the site so not celebrated for its amateurs,
sycophants, and narcissists.
His clarity of thought,
and courage to call the hypocrisy
and stupidity
of a moderator named symitar
was not taken well by the peons
and ass kissers.
The moderator called "symitar" begged caf? to try
to have a better attitude if he ever returned
-she threatened him with "next time it will be longer."

"I hope you will rethink your behavior" she had typed to me...

"ha ha!" sez I. "Ha ha!'

Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday the 13th, April 2007 -- my nth F13

Here I sit at the writing desk
Realizing once again the test.

Here I sit and here I type
hoping for just more than tripe.

Here I sit a tapping out
metaphorical fisherman hoping
for that metaphorical trout.

Here I sit, sucking in my gut,
wondering how and if and when--but

would you consider reading more
of what for you I have in store?

Enter the Sabbath!

The Sabbath approaches fast, winging quietly like a bird gliding.

I am not ready.


Today has been very odd, not to mention this being 13th of April (my birth month too).

Lad's sitting on the orange chair behind me. My lad. My son. A toddler, blondi man-child. He's talking to me while eating strawberries he, the mother, and his sister picked earlier today.

If you're looking to hire a poet, a scribe, or a tutor, try the links I've embedded.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Leila, who stole my love & crushed it like a wet toad on an asphalt road

Leila, I loved you lightly,
liking your luscious lips,loose hair,
and left-handed Southern charm.
Leila, I loved you with lunacy,
laughing loftily, loving lustily,
while we looped the loop,
metaphorically speaking,
while freaking on benches
and downtown bars.

Leila! you low-down liar!
You went out and lay with another.
You larked and parked in darkened cars,
while I studied all night long
at libraries and coffeehouses,
hoping some day to be a writer,
trying not to turn a blighter,
denying my parents' vision
of doctor, barrister, priest.

Leila, you lecherous lesbian,
why didn't you just tell me the truth
of who you were or who you thought you'd be?
You left me lonely, lying on hardened lava,
cold as a clock that stops tick tock-
ing in the lounge where western lizards
lick salt and lime lysergic juices.

Lynx! You left me fixing sinks,
when I dropped out of law school.
I couldn't cogitate worth a sheet
of legal yellow!
After my crisis
was past at last I got mellow, called you
and said, "Hellow, Leila! It's me
who loves you huskily and
longs for you lustily."

You did the sane thing and laughed
while I thrashed out my inner demons
praying to the lyrical lemurs
who led me to temptation
on the other side of night,
down to the lower side of Basin Street,
on the saddest afternoon
of the rest of my life.