Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Far and near, the local scenes:

First off, our condolences to the family and friends of the reverend Dr. Kermit Petersen, pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Galesburg, Illinois, for four and thirty years. He served also on the United Way Board, FISH steering committee, and the Rotary Club. (Obituary printed in Register Mail of 16 Sept. 2006).

Now there are two big criminal trials going on in Western Illinois that got in the front page of the Register Mail on the 16th September: a jury found Derrick Williams, 39 years young, guilty of trying to murder an old man, John "Gary" Budd, 71 years of age, during a robbery at the old man's house. This in Warren County.
Then there's the murder of Patrick Thomas-Lynch. Antony Bell is on trial here, at the Ninth Circuit Court. The Honorable Judge Stephen Mathers presides here. The judge has granted a motion to continue. A detail of interest here is the case number, 06-CF-241.

On the cultural front, New Generation Dance Group performed at Cooke School Mexican Fiesta Friday the 15th September. The next day LULAC of Galesburg held a carnival at their centre at 1045 W. Second St, in the old Irish Quarter of Galesburg.

Good thing mother sent me this newspaper, because otherwise I don't know if and when I would have found out about the death of Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci, dead at 76. She had struggled against breast cancer, written about it too. People may remember her for her interviews of such famous individuals as the Ayatollah Ruholla Khomeini and Henry Kissinger. I did not find mention in the brief AP report about her journalism during the student and labor protests of Mexico 1968, and the subsequent massacre by security and military forces.1

Of interest is this paragraph:

"Virtually all of the literary energy and passion of her final years were consumed in vehement attacks on a Muslim world she judged to be the enemy of Western civilization.
"After a decade-long absence from the publishing scene, Fallaci burst into the spotlight after the September 11 attacks with a series of blistering essays in which she argued that Muslems were carrying out a crusade against the Christian West."

Why is it that this is the first time I read about this? I didn't read about it in Harper's, nor did I hear about it on NPR. Maybe I should subscribe to Time or The New Republic, or Atlantic.

Two last items of local interest for Galesburgers: Cleanup Days are 25-29 September, that's going on now. Household hazardous waste will be picked up 28 October in Monmouth Park, north on 11th street off US 34. Call (309)345-3638 to the Community Development Council offices for further information.

1. The Register Mail, p A11, 16 September 2006.


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