Friday, September 01, 2006

The dream for peace in Africa: Uganda's civil war

I signed a petition asking for cessation of violence in Uganda. I had thought I read something about a treaty signifying the end of the civil war. Isn't this happening?

Robin E. sends me this in an email:

Emergency relief organizations say that living conditions in Northern Uganda are the harshest they've ever seen. Consider the following:
30,000 children have been abducted as sexual slaves, porters, or fighters over the past 20 years.
More than 1.5 million people are crammed into 200 crowded camps.
There is an estimated weekly death toll of 900 civilians due to disease.
20 people die each day due to violence.
Sexual abuse is a daily occurrence in camps.
For over 20 years the rebel group Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) has waged a brutal war against the Government of Uganda. The ruthless fighters in this conflict have resorted to barbaric tactics of murder, mutilation, burning of villages, sexual enslavement, and abduction of civilians – especially children – to be forced to fight.

What can we do? We must tell our elected officials to work for a conflict resolution at the peace talks in Juba, Southern Sudan and to increase humanitarian aid to this war-torn area! Please take action by going to:

Now my attention is distracted by news of bomb attacks in Baghdad. Iraq's Ministry of Health is releasing figures which show the number of violent deaths diminished in August.


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