Thursday, August 31, 2006

DNC effects interesting change in primary calendar

David Broder has broke the news that now, Nevada will hold its primary five days after the Iowa caucus. So Iowa holds the caucus on Monday 14 Jan. 2007, and Nevada has theirs Saturday 19 January. New Hampshire then will be on Tuesday 22 Jan., and SC a week later on the 29th January.

Broder seems to think this is a problem. Why? He doesn't seem to clearly indicate that. He does write that "what was lost in all this was tany sense of public deliberation about the choice of the next president. In the general election, people have two months or more to evaluate two or maybe three candidates. In the early primaries, eight or 10 people may be vying. What is morst needed is time -- and a place -- for them to be carefully examined.

"Historically, New Hampshire has fulfilled that responsibility." Broder fills in with some history on this, and then adds "New Hampshire voters don't need - or particularly want - guidance from Iowa and frequently they ignore the Iowa results."

This seems to be more about Broder's discomfort with the break from the New Hampshire tradition than any real problem with voter awareness or participation. The columnist from Mother Jones seems to agree with me, or I with her. But try to find the essay quickly. Good luck. I dont' have time this morning.

A little search for the essay, which also appears in today's Savannah Morning News, shows that David Broder is fond of using the word muddling. But back to the NH issue, I wonder if he's just beefing because he doesn't like the East Coast losing their influence. Where are you from again, Mr. Broder?


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