Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thor'sday, seven days till my 45th Birthday

Just the other evening (written Thor's Day about an evening two or three nights prior): — 10 minutes ago

I had just got done “jumping” my lad; this is a game where I assist him in bouncing on the bed. I held him, he bounced, and he went extra high. He loves this game, and asks me to do it every day. We are careful, and we have fun. I was sweaty, I was. Soon I’d take a shower, and indeed I did, a hot one, luxurious with the papaya shampoo my wife got. I had thought “maybe a bath, sitting in the tub in cold water with a red wine.” But that, perhaps, is for Friday, a Sabbath treat.

Tonight is Thor’s Day still, the eve of Freya’s Day. I’ve been working hard, not hardly working, and thank the Holy Name I’m making good money for my family. Now I enjoy a cold 211 Steel malted export beverage. (Can you call this a beer then?)

My children are now waiting for a bedtime story. Time now 21:09


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