Wednesday, April 19, 2006


I'm up, awake, again. I'ts three minutes till five ante meridiam by the computer clock. Note: I've not posted any blog since 24 February. So what's been going on since then? Many things: substitute teaching, editing and trying to write more poetry, raising my children, applying for vocational rehabilitation, getting hired on at an agribusiness with a local warehouse. And more. Yet I feel there is a coherent theme to the absence of my writing, aside from the confusion and fear involved in writers' block, or my writing activities elsewhere.

B.R. (also known as X to family and friends) called me again yesterday. He only calls me once in a while, when he needs a favour. But I consider him almost a friend, and a man of some integrity. X, I'll call him, is a husband and father of three or four little ones. He and his family live in a trailer in Blocker's Trailer Park. B called me this time to get some interpreting assistance because an IRS agent told him "this is America and he needs to speak English." I tried to get him to set up a three way conference on the phone, so I could interpret from my house. I mean, I had been working all day at the warehouse, and I was tired.
But to no avail. X. doesn't have three way already set up, and he's never done it before. The Alltel representative's number answered to a machine that seemed to tell X. to call during "normal business hours." So I advised X. to call the lady at the community centre who had set him up with a lawyer last time he called, because some soldier at HAAF had hit him, assaulting him because they were involved in a minor traffic accident. And THAT's another story, with results so far just as frustrating to X and myself.
Am reading from Heather King's Paradise Found, and article about recovery and personal salvation, from the Sun magazine of July last year. This one strikes chords with me. And I'll get back to this entry. You all, be well.

Let me remind you that I do post quite a lot at both as both cafegroundzero and tarik. I also post poetry, essays, and short stories at and its affiliate sites.


At Saturday, April 22, 2006 4:29:00 PM, Blogger mandogrl said...

Interesting blog!!!! So much to read!!!!!!

At Wednesday, April 26, 2006 9:20:00 PM, Blogger jean-pierre said...

Thank you, mandogrl:

I hope you read again and comment as much or as little as you please.


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