Friday, April 28, 2006

Andy's letter to Dave, just received Friday 28th April


---------------------------- Original Message
Subject: Stop Cuts for Native Med Ed Programs
From: "jody hassel"
Date: Thu, April 27, 2006 11:47 am
To: "jody"
Below is a letter from an Alaska Native medical student whose education
funded by Federal Title VII programs. Most Alaska Native students in
medical fields are almost entirely dependent upon these funds to
their education. Title VII also supports federal loan forgiveness
programs to encourage doctors and nurses to work in under-served Native
hospitals and clinics. Loss of these funds will almost certainly mean
end of education for thousands of Alaska Native and Native American
students in many fields of medicine. Please contact your congressional
representatives and ask them to support Title VII funding.

Please read and forward the following from Alaska med student Andy

Funding for medical programs such as OMCA (Office of Multicultural
Affairs) and NACOE (Native American Center of Excellence) is under

The last round of letters from students didn't work and things are

The Bush Administration has proposed elimination of Title VII funding
health professional training, which mostly funds progams for
and retention of under-represented people into the health professions,
encouragement of primary care, and support of work in under-served
At UW School of Medicine these funds comprise a large proportion of the
OMCA (Office of Multicultural Affairs) and NACOE (Native American
of Excellence) budgets. The conventional wisdom was they would be
reinstated...but last I heard they were not.

The programs at Univ of Washington (which is Alaska's med school) are
temporarily funded but at risk. The multicultural affairs office at UW
school includes the Native American Center of Excellence which supports
Native American and Alaska Native students and runs a training program
anyone interested in working in Native communities. It also helps
students towards research in Native relevant health topics. Federal
is these programs' primary source of funding.

So we need letters to Uncle Ted (Sen. Ted Stevens, R-AK), Sen. Lisa
Murkowski (R-AK), Rep. Don Young (R-AK), and other representatives to
it funded again. Lots of Native and non-Native Alaskan students have
supported by title VII programs.

Also at risk is the ENTIRE budget for Urban Indian health care....a
that gets chopped and reinstated every year which is a slap in the face
the urban community and their health care providers. There is always
risk it won't get reinstated.

Make some noise..


Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thor'sday, seven days till my 45th Birthday

Just the other evening (written Thor's Day about an evening two or three nights prior): — 10 minutes ago

I had just got done “jumping” my lad; this is a game where I assist him in bouncing on the bed. I held him, he bounced, and he went extra high. He loves this game, and asks me to do it every day. We are careful, and we have fun. I was sweaty, I was. Soon I’d take a shower, and indeed I did, a hot one, luxurious with the papaya shampoo my wife got. I had thought “maybe a bath, sitting in the tub in cold water with a red wine.” But that, perhaps, is for Friday, a Sabbath treat.

Tonight is Thor’s Day still, the eve of Freya’s Day. I’ve been working hard, not hardly working, and thank the Holy Name I’m making good money for my family. Now I enjoy a cold 211 Steel malted export beverage. (Can you call this a beer then?)

My children are now waiting for a bedtime story. Time now 21:09

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


I'm up, awake, again. I'ts three minutes till five ante meridiam by the computer clock. Note: I've not posted any blog since 24 February. So what's been going on since then? Many things: substitute teaching, editing and trying to write more poetry, raising my children, applying for vocational rehabilitation, getting hired on at an agribusiness with a local warehouse. And more. Yet I feel there is a coherent theme to the absence of my writing, aside from the confusion and fear involved in writers' block, or my writing activities elsewhere.

B.R. (also known as X to family and friends) called me again yesterday. He only calls me once in a while, when he needs a favour. But I consider him almost a friend, and a man of some integrity. X, I'll call him, is a husband and father of three or four little ones. He and his family live in a trailer in Blocker's Trailer Park. B called me this time to get some interpreting assistance because an IRS agent told him "this is America and he needs to speak English." I tried to get him to set up a three way conference on the phone, so I could interpret from my house. I mean, I had been working all day at the warehouse, and I was tired.
But to no avail. X. doesn't have three way already set up, and he's never done it before. The Alltel representative's number answered to a machine that seemed to tell X. to call during "normal business hours." So I advised X. to call the lady at the community centre who had set him up with a lawyer last time he called, because some soldier at HAAF had hit him, assaulting him because they were involved in a minor traffic accident. And THAT's another story, with results so far just as frustrating to X and myself.
Am reading from Heather King's Paradise Found, and article about recovery and personal salvation, from the Sun magazine of July last year. This one strikes chords with me. And I'll get back to this entry. You all, be well.

Let me remind you that I do post quite a lot at both as both cafegroundzero and tarik. I also post poetry, essays, and short stories at and its affiliate sites.