Friday, February 24, 2006

Pondering and inquiring about endemic illnesses

A family practice physician recently addressed a leadership training seminar in our county in Georgia, introducing the relatively new East Georgia Medical Centre or clinic which is on the eastern edge of the county seat. One of his observations about our county was that our part of the country experienced more viral infections than the New England to which he had been accustomed.
Why is this? He could only suggest that our people needed more "health education." I have considered what he said; but ever since we've moved to this town I've considered the problem of contagion and illness in these communities. I've also observed and noted sources of contagion and contamination. Of these we have quite a few: industrial discharges into the air and water, illegal dumping by truckers and others in the mechanical services, burning of pine woods and organic matter, effluent from petrol-fueled engines, as well as agricultural applications of chemical herbicides, fertilizers, and pesticides.

I'm currently experiencing a respiratory tract and nasal infection. Actually, today I started to think about trying to get the equipment, training, and knowledge to better manage our family and community's health. We have a simple microscope, which is of course not adequate for the examination of viral material, but it could serve as a teaching tool for the introduction to microbiology.

All is quiet now. I'm awaiting the next class. I'll try to work on a short story synopsis now, at the Allpoetry site. I invite any of you who are reading this to check out the poetry, story, and philosophy developing tools and networks at these sites.


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