Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Iraqi War: OIF, Operation Enduring Freedom, and Celtic Blessings

As we emerge from the Saturnalic holy daze toward the Epiphany, I issue for all good people, a Blessing of Protection:

To Christ the Seed,
__To Christ th harvest:
____To the barn of Christ
_____May we be brought.

______To Christ the Sea,
________To Chris the fish:
______In the nets of Christ:
_____________May we be caught.

______________From birth to age,
_________________From age to death:
______________Your two arms, Christ,
______________About us safe.

________________From death to ending
__________________Not ended but regrown:
________________In the paradise of grace
____________________May we be transplanted.

Excerpted from a Traditional Irish Hymn translated by Caitlin Matthews. The Little Book of Celtic Blessings. 1994. Shaftesbury, Dorset, England: Element Books Limited

War Resistors' League: 2005 Annual Report

We did think twice about mentioning the War Resistors' League in light of the recent news of illegal if still authorized wiretaps by the NSA and other shadowy governmental or contracted spies, by Americans upon Americans.

Yet after sleeping on the idea of just leaving it out, thus contributing to self-censorship so prevalent in the many media of the USA, we decided, after a hard morning of slacking and poetry, and our "tea-time Milwaukee's Best," to usher in the day before the eve of the Epiphany for Christ, with the WRL Annual Report. Sure, they do want donations, they need cash to operate like any NGO. But hey, it's all for peace, right? What I would like to know is when we're going to be printing pamphlets directed at the jihadists and Baathists, the Taliban and other tribe-serving militias. If we all think about peace, maybe we can talk peace. Otherwise, we're just eroding our national security and stabbing ourselves.

Year's Fiscal Report, 1 April 2004 to 31 March 2005

Literature/Calendar Sales -----------------------------------69,922

Entered well into the New Year, 2006: Thor's, 2^? Ist Monat

"A Beacon of Hope in a Troubled World"

2005 Year in Review

We get a brief from William F. Schulz, Executive Director, Amnesty International USA

"Bill" Schulz has a short editorial on the inside cover of the Amnesty Annual Report pamphlet

*Abolish the Death Penalty

*Oppose Abuses related to our Wars on Terror

*Denounce all Torture: Dream and Act to Stop it!

*Stop Violence against Womyn

*End the Proliferation and Misuse of Arms

*Encourage Change in Multinational Corporations

Learn more about these at