Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving, people of the world-earth!

Today is Thanksgiving 2005 C.E. (A.D.)at 08:04 EST. Good morning to my fellow Americans; good evening to our neighbours across the pond, not excluding all our African and Asian immigrant sisters and brothers in Europe. Halloa and peace to our African sisters and brothers! Many of our Asian and some of our European and African fellow human beings are still asleep or about to go to sleep. Good morning to our South and Central American fellow humans! To all other hello and good morning too!

I’m sipping some cold coffee and cream; yeah well i COULD put it in the microwave, but I don’t need to, it’s ok, and with the cream, this good coffee tastes great! It’s not too cold now here; we live in coastal Georgia, not too far north of the great Okefenokee and the other Floridian and South Georgian swamps where the Creek and Seminole alliance resisted the United States Army and Anglo-Georgian settlers and militia for over three wars, in the most expensive war in American history until this war on terrorism. I say this, rating the dollar amount for what it could buy in those days, I forget what the economists call it—real money cost—anyway this is a war that’s buried deep in our national archives or long forgotten and faded from our collective memory. [There is a place not too far from here named after a battle between the Anglo-Georgians and Americans, and the Creeks, Seminoles, and run-away African-American slaves. No one around here can say anything about it, for our teachers have failed to teach, till the violence of the past is almost nothing to remind us of the evil within us].

But I digress. Perhaps misanthropy will become fashionable again, and all its little off-shoots: misogyny, racism, nationalism, bigotry, and any other thinking and behaviour which allows human beings to commit harm, and this includes ignoring when others are in urgent need, to other human beings. After all, our planet is getting more and more crowded, we are toxifying it, sending it into imbalance… (I’m not entirely confident that the earth will balance itself without wiping out most or at least a great part of the human and animal populations, but for now I’m content to trust our Creator, the Almighty Force of Life, God if you want to use that name).

Now, if you’ll pardon the change, I’d like to change the topic to “Being Greatful for Family,” perhaps a topic which we take so much for granted that we don’t even think to open up this topic, because why? it sounds too folksy? not intellectual enough? or is it that the philosophy bulletin boards draw the malcontents?

Anyhow, it’s Thanksgiving, and I’m deeply greatful for our little nuclear family, and grateful for my mother and father, who are still alive and relatively well, thank God. I’m grateful for my brother and my sisters, even my sister who is autistic and mentally so retarded that she cannot speak any words. I am greatful for my uncles and aunts, my cousins and their families. I rejoice that we have life and love and wealth and are consious enough to share it with others.

My father is Irish; I am Sean son of Pete son of Walter of Atlantic City. Where Walter came from I don’t know. I sometimes think he came from the Ulster Scots though these days Dad seems to be leaning to the more Southern Irish, maybe Cork, but who cares? But that’s for another thread of essays.

My mother is the eldest daughter of a scion of Mexican Creole family, I say Creole in the original sense, descended exclusively from peninsular stock, our Castillian and Basque geneology does not claim any indigenous Mexican, African, nor Jewish ancestors. We did this by maintaining a rigid code of race consciousness—call it racism, anti-semetism, even white supremacy if you will, but I had no hand in this, or did I? I’ve married a Prussian, so I suppose I’ve continued along in this tradition, though I don’t encourage anybody to exclude someone just because their skin is dark or they are Semitic, African, etc. However, I’m grateful in a sense, because I’m albe to approach other white supremacists without them turning off their listening mind, just because they might perceive me as a “mud-person.” So, am I a “nigger lover?” “jew lover?” Yes, I am, because I love all that reflects life, I love humanity, I even love animal and plant life.

You might think I’m off in la la land, saying this about loving all people. However, allow me to support my expression of fondness for people by saying that the good that the few does outshines the evil that others do. I prefer to cherish the good, to encourage it by praising, much as pa and ma would do as I grew from a wee bairn (babe) through a lad (boy) into a man. Today we try to encourage our lad and lassie to do well, rather than do badly, and to do good rather than evil. Just so should our World Bank, our G-8, our alliances such as the NATO, the U.N., the O.A.S., S.E.A.T.O. O.P.E.C. and Islamic networks, encourage the doing of good, the healing rather than the tearing apart, the violence, the annihilation of guerrilla, of terrorism, of war, of serial killing…

As the old sagamore said, “I have spoken.”


At Friday, November 25, 2005 10:19:00 AM, Blogger Judith HeartSong said...

I am delighted to meet you. I spent twenty years in central Florida, and the Seminoles fascinate me as a people. Very interesting journal here!


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