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Gabe Prosser's (1800) and Nat Turner's revolts (1831) — 3 minutes ago

Gabe Prosser's (1800) and Nat Turner's revolts (1831) — 1 minute ago

In the 1800 Census there were counted one million two thousand thirty seven Negroes, who represented
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In the 1800 Census there were counted one million two thousand thirty seven Negroes, who represented eighteen point nine per cent of the total human population. Of these Africans and Americans, eight hundred ninety three thousand, six hundred two were slaves and one hundred eight thousand, four hundred thirty five or ten and eight tenths per cent were Free People. The Northern states had thirty six thousand five hundred five slaves. Most of these were in New York and New Jersey.

Gabe Prosser,
a Black male who might have been born in 1775,
from Henrico County, Virginia,
with his wife and two brothers planned a revolt.
Outside Richmond city, they organized other slaves.
They made swords, though crude, and bayonets.
They made five hundred bullets.
While they did this, they studied
the location of Richmond’s armories and ammo caches.
Prosser wanted to end all slavery.
His plan was simple: capture Richmond, killing all whites
except the French, Methodists, and Quakers.
Eventually, his troops would attack other towns
and he would be made King of Virginia.

James Monroe,
Governor of Virginia,
wrote that the plans included most of the slaves
of the city and surrounding plantations.
‘Knowledge of such a project,’ he wrote,’pervaded other parts,
if not the whole, of the state.’

On Saturday night, 30 August,
over a thousand angry slaves,
some armed with scythes, others with bayonets,
a few with guns, met outside of Richmond.
They then discovered that a storm had taken out a bridge
which they needed to make their advance. Spooked,
many of them gave up the project. But two slaves betrayed
the conspiracy, and the Governor called out the militia.
Numerous arrests were made, and Gabriel Prosser,
with a couple dozen to five times seven more,
were, with proper compensation to the owners,
tried and hung till they died by the noose.

‘From what he said to me,’ said Governor Monroe,
he seemed to have made up his mind to die
and to have resolved to say but little of the subject
of the conspiracy.’

In November of that year,1800, continued unrest
resulted in the arrests of dozens of suspected rebel
slaves. Rebel slaves.

Nat Turner was born to Nancy that year, 1800.
Nancy had been brought from Africa, sold to the plantation
of Benjamin Turner, in Southampton, Virgina.
Nat Turner was the property of Samuel Turner,
then sold or won by Thomas Moore, then Putnam Moore,
and in eighteen three was hired out to Joseph Travis.
Turner had been a genius. One of Ben Turner’s sons taught him.

Nat Turner turned a preacher,
and a zealous preacher was he.
Among the Negroes on the Travis plantation
Nat Turner gained in respect,
and felt convicted to lead his brothers and sisters
to freedom. On the Fourth of July, 1831,
Nat and four slaves plotted an uprising, but last minute
aborted. And 21 August 1831 with the unlucky seven
he attacked the Travis Plantation, killing them all.
They got arms, horses, enlisted other slaves,
and out they galloped, murdering and burning all around them.

In one long hot day and one long bloody night,
they killed one and fifty of the white;
but the revolt failed in four days.
Turner hid for six weeks,
but was found, tried, and hanged.
The trial and execution were held in Jerusalem,
Virginia, that is.

Between the years of 1800 and 1900
(my grandmother was born in 1889),
approximately 4 million slaves were brought to Latin America.
Cuba alone, between 1800 and 1865, the year in which
General Lee surrendered to General Grant at Appomatox,
between 1800 and 1865, imported 386,437 slaves.

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