Sunday, October 23, 2005

Query: do nuclear arms and facilities pose a threat?

I am going back to the roots of the problems and solutions posed in the seventy-first volume, numbers seven and eight, of Fellowship, a monthly published by the Fellowship of Reconciliation. The headline is titled "Changing Course: Reframing the Nuclear World."

Rabia Terri Harris, the Interim Editor, makes the introduction with an essay titled "Judgement Call," in which she opens with the thesis "We are, and we are not, our governments."

"The destructive power of nuclear weapons is well known," according to 'a prominent statesman' in the May/June issue of Foreign Policy."

...given the United States' continued reliance on (nuclear weapons) it's worth remembering the dangers they presnet. A 2000 report by the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War describes the likely effects of a single 1 megaton weapon-- dozens of which are contained in the Russian and US inventories..."


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