Monday, October 10, 2005

Indictments against Rove and gang?

In the news from Washington, our not quite so venerable capital, come more hints of corruption, skullduggery, skulduddery, and what not -- this time regarding Karl Rove, the whispering adviser reminiscent of Wormtongue of Rohan ill-fame, adviser to Eomer? was it? oh well, if I'm wrong, I can come back and edit this post. O.K. here, from Newsweek reporter Michael Isikoff;

"The White House's handling of a potentially crucial e-mail sent by senior aide Karl Rove two years ago set off a chain of events that has led special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald to summon Rove for a fourth grand jury appearance this week. His return has created heightened concern among White House officials and their allies that Fitzgerald may be preparing..."
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The MSNBC story goes on to give some clue as to what the indictments may be about:

In Cooper's account, Rove told him the wife of White House critic Joseph Wilson worked at the "agency" on WMD issues and was responsible for sending Wilson on a trip to Niger to check out claims that Iraq was trying to buy uranium. But Rove did not disclose this conversation to the FBI when he was first interviewed by agents in the fall of 2003—nor did he mention it during his first grand jury appearance, says one of the lawyers familiar with Rove's account. (He did not tell President George W. Bush about it either, assuring him that fall only that he was not part of any "scheme" to discredit Wilson by outing his wife, the lawyer says.) But after he testified, Luskin discovered an e-mail Rove had sent that same day—July 11—alerting deputy national-security adviser Stephen Hadley that he had just talked to Cooper, the lawyer says. In the e-mail, Rove said Cooper pushed him on whether the president was being hurt by the Niger controversy. "I didn't take the bait," Rove wrote Hadley, adding that he warned Cooper not to get "far out in front on this." After reviewing the e-mail, Rove then returned to the grand jury last year and reported the Cooper conversation. He testified that the talk was initially about "welfare reform"—a topic mentioned in the e-mail—and that Cooper then changed the subject. Cooper has written that he doesn't recall a discussion of welfare reform. [bold type and italics added by cafegroundzero to highlight key points]


At Sunday, October 16, 2005 11:13:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was King Theoden. Eomer was his nephew who was exiled because of his opposition to Wormtongue.


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