Sunday, October 09, 2005

Having fun with another con job

"Now you can also be published on The Poets' Workshop for FREE - where, within hours, you can receive feedback from other poets and writers on the quality and character of your work. Honest, forthright and helpful reviews that will help you hone your craft, and will quickly move you into the ranks of world class emerging poets with solid critiques behind their works."

Here's a copy of jean-pierre's poem so you can read how I expressed my self after I got a second offer to buy a book with my own poetry in it, and buy a plaque, bla bla bla...

Dear Poetry Dot Con

You send me another notice
of a poem which you say
has won an award, say you!
Then I wonder who else knows?
You have a business,
You want to make a profit,
isn''t that right?/
Now don''t deny it!
doing such would be a lie.
Don''t even try it!
Now I''m not a great poet,
don''t I know it!
But I ain''t no fool
and I been to school./
So I says, you pay me
for the publication of a poem,
at least send me some free editions,
at the very least just one.
Is it a deal?
Can you make me a better offer?

"Get started for FREE! (it takes about 10 seconds - just three questions" Yeah, give your identity away, open yourself up to a whole 'nother wave of punishment by spammers).


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