Friday, October 07, 2005

FBI warns of renewed threat to subways, NYC Mayor says

As I start to peruse the news pages on MSNBC, mine eyes catch this ominous news item:

Officials in New York revealed the threat Thursday, saying an FBI source warned that terrorists had plotted to bomb the subway in coming days. But Homeland Security officials in Washington downplayed the threat, saying it’s of “doubtful credibility.”

Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Thursday called it the most specific terrorist threat that New York officials had received to date, and promised to flood the subway system with uniformed and undercover officers.

“We have done and will continue to do everything we can to protect this city,” Bloomberg said at a nationally televised news conference. “We will spare no resource, we will spare no expense.”

Those of us outside the NYC metro subway system must realize that it would be too easy for some terrorists to feint a threat there and then attack another site. I hope that our Homeland Defense keeps this in mind as they deploy resources.


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