Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Every day, Mum recites these prayers

I often call her Mami. She now has said the children can call her Mamita, the term of affection, or title, I used to call my own maternal grandmother who lived in La Barca.

Every morning, as soon as her feet touch the floor, she starts these prayers:

Gracias os doy,
Gran Senyor,
pues me has sacado
de las tinieblas de la noche
a la Luz del Dia,
hacer lo que gastes
en obras
de vuestro santo servicio
por Jesus Cristo
Nuestro Senyor.

A second prayer goes like this:

En este nuevo dia
gracias te tributamos
O Dios immenso
Senyor de lo creado.
Tu divina clemencia
se ha dignado acarnos
del horror de la noche
a la luz del sol claro.
Todo vasto teatro
del mundo cuanto existe
es obra de tu mano.
Por ti, reverdecen los prados.
En el agua los peces cantan
tu Nombre Santo.
y guia nuestros pasos
para que eternamente
tus santas leyes sigamos.

I have kept these prayers in my memory since childhood. I have now two squared and two score years, and two children. Today is my dear wife’ birthday. She is about the same age as I.

The death toll for our own troops in Iraq has reached 2000. The 2000th soldier died over the weekend from a bomb blast. I am one of the veterans of this war. For surviving with my limbs, body, and mind intact I give thanks. For suffering from depression, I give thanks too, for I know I am human. My suffering is a blessing for by this I know I am human, and I accept my suffering in atonement for my sins and the sins of others as well.


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