Sunday, September 11, 2005

Whazzup? Ain't much happenin' hee-uh

Frybaby released "Silence of the Lambs" at a newspaper box on King George and Wild Heron Road in South Side Savannah.

I considered for a few minutes whether I wanted to change my itinerary to include Savannah, tonight or tomorrow. Hmmm... Some one's bound to find that book sometime by the o'dark hours before tomorrow morning. Naaahhh... I've already read that. But for me to even consider the 1.5 hr. drive makes me realize how much I'm getting into this Book Crossing scavenger's hunt thing.

Am listening to a concert broadcast to honor Otis Redding. Pre-recorded in Macon some time ago, on the occasion of his birthday. McKnight was the radio host.

That ended some six minutes ago. Been talking with my wife, who recalled an incident which our children's godmother told her earlier this weekend. Seems that the computer tech guy brought his wife or lady friend with him on a home consultation. The companion was annoying our friend and neighbor, not letting her listen to the computer man's explanation.

Soft classical piano now. No other sound but the whir of the computer fans and the high pitched sound in my right ear, a little louder than usual. Almost drowns out the high pitched sound in my left ear, ha ha.


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