Wednesday, September 28, 2005

SEYM Newsletter Summer and Fall 2005 arrives

We got this in our mail box today, I believe. Some details of the 43rd Annual Session of Southeastern Yearly Meeting were released. It was held during the third month (March) of this year, the 23rd through the 27th, at the United Methodist Life Enrichment Center, in Leesburg Florida.

The focus of this meeting was "Living in the World as Quakers."

There is a concern about the FUM minute 88-GB-52, which supports a personnel policy that is discriminatory toward Gays and Lesbians.The following three queries were shared by the St. Petersburg Meeting:

#1 What does it mean to be affiliated with the Friends' United Meeting?
#2 What has been the real level of our activity as members of FUM?
#3 Are we viable members of FUM or members in name only?

I will consider these queries, just as I'm considering the "Adult Guide for Going to Confession" that has been distributed to our local Catholic church, Saint Jude's of Glennville.


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