Monday, September 26, 2005

Post meridiem, I recommence the work day

Am still tasting the mid-day meal, boneless ribs and fried rice, a lunch special from one of our local Chinese restaurants, where I'm trying in small ways to practice my Chinese Mandarin. Alas! but my efforts are still weak.

I delivered a copy of the article on bookcrossing below to one of our local newspapers, posted a copy of the November 3 Theses on the door of a local Democratic Party committee head, who happens to be a judge, and I dropped off for bookcrossing at one of the local fast food places. So the day has been somewhat productive.

Can I do the same article in Spanish? Here's a chance to try out one of the translation programs, which I've used but only for isolated words, maybe a phrase once or twice. I'll try to shop this to some other newspapers. No real hurry here, but while I'm on a roll, I'll work on the translation and free-lancing it.


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