Friday, September 02, 2005

Message in a Bottle

I have enclosed a screen shot of some individuals throughout the world who have made sending a message in a bottle a goal. Of course, there’s no telling who’s going to find it, and what that person is going to do with it.

Dear stranger

I wonder what sort of day are you having.
Have you been fishing?
Travelling the river in the canoe or in a motor boat?
Are you born and raised here?
Your families have been here for generations?
transplanted from Kentucky here by the military.
I’m trying an experiment to get
ways for folks to stop being such strangers,
and share their stories and thoughts with each other.
and if a body was in trouble, folks would help ‘em out,
‘less that person was a complete pariah.
Maybe we can start to practice some
of this Christianity or whatever faith
we profess to have in our hearts, and on our minds.
Write your local newspaper and express yourself!

Cheers! cafegroundzero


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