Thursday, September 01, 2005

Georgia’s “Abysmal” SATs “at Home in the Cellar”

(Atlanta) The bad news is in: Georgia is last in SAT scores. Today’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s editorial “At home in the cellar” and Columbus Ledger-Enquirer’s “We’re back on the bottom" wrote of Georgia’s decline.

As the AJC notes in their editorial:

“In his 2002 gubernatorial campaign, Sonny Perdue promised Georgia voters he would boost SAT scores.

‘We're dead last in the nation in SAT scores. If that doesn't convince you we need to try something new, nothing will,’ said Perdue in a TV commercial.

Well, Georgia is ‘dead last’ again in the SAT, based on the scores released Tuesday by the College Board. Perdue probably hopes that voters have forgotten that TV spot. It's obvious the governor himself hasn't given it much thought since the election.

He's done little to fulfill his pledge to "try something new" in either overhauling SAT scores or education in general. He devoted his first term to rolling back the education reforms and class size reductions set in motion by his predecessor. There has been barely any perceptible change in what or how students in Georgia are taught.” [emphasis added]

Governor Perdue argues that the Governor’s Cup has been put in place to improve scores. But the hard reality is that trophies don’t help much without the resources to teach our children.

“Gimmicks don’t cut it when you slash school funding by nearly $1 billion dollars and you pack more and more children in the classroom,” said Bobby Kahn, Chair of the Democratic Party of Georgia.



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