Thursday, August 25, 2005

Petition For A United Ireland

Whereas, the objective of Irish Unity is based on the principle of self-determination, social and economic justice, and political and cultural equality; and

Whereas, the small island of Ireland, having two sovereign governments with different currencies, different policies and bureaucracies for justice, education, agriculture, commerce, culture, and health is essentially unworkable; and

Whereas, Britain has proven itself incapable of fairly governing any part of Ireland and surveys confirm the British people do not support union with the north; and

Whereas, the partition of Ireland by the British government only postponed the solution of a centuries old political quagmire that has been a disaster for both parts of Ireland and for the British people as well; and

Whereas, partition was forced upon the Irish people under threat of "terrible war" and the last time the people voted in an All-Ireland elections, 1918 and 1920, they voted overwhelmingly in favor of independence and sovereignty; and

Whereas, Ireland is a sovereign entity in international law, in the long and short view of history, and the geographic island and its people are without confusion recognized as Irish, regardless of tradition; and

Whereas, the liberation of Ireland can be achieved through democratic means through the Good Friday Agreement; and

Whereas, an Ireland of Equals, governed for the people by the people, is the best guarantor of justice and civil prosperity and the best solution to centuries of injustice and bloodshed;

We, the undersigned, call upon the Irish Government to issue a Green Paper on Irish Unity to prepare for a 32 County, Irish Republic.


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