Saturday, August 20, 2005

Dad and I discuss the war, again

We talk about the war in Iraq, the war against terrorism, and sometimes the war in Afghanistan. Usually we do this by telephone. I often think or imagine that the line changes as we begin to talk about this, that sound behind and around the voices is more expansive, thus we hear the echo effect, as if some switch had been automatically turned on, and the lines are being tapped. I never mention this to Dad. For what? We are not doing anything illegal. We're just conversing about these troubled times.

Dad thinks I'm trying to sit on the fence, play both sides, support both sides on the war. ( Both? There are only two sides? ) He says this, rather vehemently, perhaps because I have expressed my doubts about the wisdom of starting these escapades overseas, yet I also say, as adamantly as I can, that I support Bush in proceeding with this war we've started, that I support him as my Commander-in-Chief. Yet I support the right of the anti-war activists to protest the war. And yet I would like to say to those such as the grieving mothers and kinfolk, that one needs to remember that when we had taken the oath or affirmation to serve our country, Constitution, and President, that we and our families know our lives are on the line.

As Sergeant Major Norman says, "Lady, your son died fighting a war. He was a soldier." Hard to sound hard hearted. I mean, I commiserate, but I don't support her undermining our effort to defeat the enemy. And I think that's what much of this protest does. What to do? I think dialogue, what we're doing, is good. Protest is good. But we need to unite also, unite and defeat the terrorists, defeat the jihadists.


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