Saturday, July 02, 2005

Week in review, and Happy Fourth of July!

Time now, 9:23. Still on first cup of coffee. Listening to the news on Sandra Day O'Conner's retirement. Children playing peacefully, happily in their room. Wife out "doing yard sales."

Time for a refill. Coffee with cream, but not too light.

Am trying to recall an idea I had for a novel, yesterday, when I had no paper, but was sitting in a dark cinema supervising my toddler. Oh, I remember it now, quite clearly. Thank God.

Got to go get a flag holder for the front of our house. I'll be leaving the house within a quarter of an hour.

Subjects to review and ponder: recent developments in Iraq, Supreme Court and Sandra Day O'Connor, China and the global economy, migrations and immigrations. The World Aid Concert against Hunger. This concert is held in sych with a G-8 Summit in Scotland. Summer reading. The Energy Bill in the Senate and House. Afghanistan, the Balkans, and Africa.


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