Sunday, July 03, 2005

Jack Dalton tells us about Benderman's unit

Today we are going deeper into an investigation into why people commit to opposing the war. What do they hope to accomplish? What matters most to them? I found a message posted on Singleton, who has a web project called Old American Century.

First a brief forward from POAC co-editor Jack Dalton. He had received an email a few moments ago from Kevin’s wife Monica. In it she has told him a total of 22 people in Sgt Benderman’s unit have refused to deploy to Iraq. 17 have gone AWOL and 2 have attempted suicide. The status of the remaining 3 is unknown at this time. Those at the POAC fully support the decision to refuse deployment to Iraq which has been made by Sgt Benderman, and the others in his unit.

From the Associated Press, we have the following: "Sgt. Kevin Benderman, 40, said he became morally opposed to war after seeing it firsthand during his first Iraq tour. Now he faces a possible court-martial after failing to deploy Friday with his unit.

" 'I told them that I refused deployment because I just couldn't go back over there,' Benderman said Wednesday. 'If I'm going to sit up there and tell everyone that I do not believe in war, why would I go back to a war zone?' "


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