Friday, July 08, 2005

Anglo-American security forces lead rebound from London transit attacks

I was on my lunch break at the warehouse, getting ready to rest in the reclined seat of my extended cab pickup, when I heard the news of the attacks on the London underground and double decker bus. Later that evening, I listened to the evening radio report as I drove home to wash up in readiness to drive west to our monthly book club. Thus I had to forgo posting anything until now, when I'll be able to start including some analysis on the events.

Sir Ian Blair, the London Commissioner of Transportation, has announced the latest report on the bombings. More than 50 people were killed, and 700 wounded. This count is the latest available as we both listen and write. The authorities have deemed this a suicide attack. The train tubes are still being sifted through for bodies. Even the bus investigation is not over, "given the nature of the attack," i.e. they are still sorting and analyzing the fragments from the bomb.

Japan, Russia, Spain, and other nations are joining the condemnation and investigations into the travesty perpetrated in London. I'll be logging on this evening, after I return and wash up from the warehouse.


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