Saturday, July 30, 2005

What I've done so far today, not much, but:

Some middle of the night reading of Imajica.

Clean out our computer tower using compressed air and a careful application of a dustcloth, while grounding the non-dusting hand on the outside of the casing.

Call Alltel to report difficulties accessing the net via DSL.

Walk to the library while scanning the front and back pages of the American Legion newspaper.

A little discussion and review of the word "gorm," at the Word Exchange.

Receive a phone call, take it outside the library, and confirm and modify a plan to meet a dear friend at the beach.

Check a little mail.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

So far, this is what it looks like, the resume'

101 West Normal Street • Normalville, • State of Mind
•, • Savannah, GA

To work, learn, and master the craft and arts of marketing and advertising, earning my way and providing for my family as I put myself through a Master's Degree program for Applied Lingistics.

Dusty Warehouse: April 2005 – to the present
• Control inventory storage and movement using handheld computer, fork lift
• Recover misplaced and fallen merchandise, cycling it back into system.
Normalville Police Department: April 2004 - March 2005
communications officer Normalville, GA
• Manage phone calls, police and other emergency service dispatch
• Manage intra- and inter-departmental communications
• submit and transmit computer transactions for inquiry and information, including criminal histories, warrants, and validations.
Southeastern Technical College: March 2002 - March 2005
English as a Second Language and Civics Instructor Normalville, GA
• Prepare course outlines, lessons plans, while presenting lectures and discussions on ESL,
• Test and evaluate students to determine comprehension and ability to apply concepts;
• Prepare students for the General Equivalency Degree (G.E.D.)
7th EN BN, nth Infantry Division January 2000 - December 2004
engineer: Camp Swampy, GA
• Drove platoon leader and maintained both wheeled and tracked vehicles.
• Guided, trained, and motivated soldiers in transportation and weapon systems.
finance clerk: Fort Campbell, KY
7-101st Aviation Bn., 101st Airborne(Air Assault). September 1998 – Nov. 1999• Maintained various record keeping systems e.g., financial paperwork, personnel actions, awards, etc.). -Coordinated and completed personnel actions and counseled clients on appropriate steps or actions;• Processed financial paperwork and worked individually with clients.
666th Forward Support Bn, 101st Airborne Div July 1996 - September 1998 soldier and• Driver for section chief;• Maintained 4x4 vehicle and trailer;
• Completed slingload operations to supply troops at the front;
• Maintained records and finance as described above.

Hard Knocks College
June 1983 Bachelor of Arts
Modern Languages Abnormal, IL
• Major: Spanish Literature
• Minor: French Literature
• additional concentration on Latin American history and anthropology.

Primary Leadership Development Course
Camp Swampy, GA January 2001

Georgia Criminal Information Systems
January 2005 GCIC certification. Forsyth, Georgia, at the Public Safety Training Center.

• Experienced operator of tracked and light wheeled vehicles;
• Type 70 wpm;
• Trained in Word, Wordperfect, Excel, and
• Certified in G.C.I.C. -Georgia Criminal Info.Computer Systems
• Experienced in perimeter and interior security;
• Proficient in light weapons maintenance and use.
. Can operate EZ Go and order selector (cherry picker) fork lifts.

• Fluent in spoken and written Spanish and French;
• Qualified by Army Testing as linguist for Spanish, French


Am currently begining a training course in advertising and marketing.

Kayak and canoe travel, hiking, wildlife safety, rappelling, nature study, philosophy, and world literature.

I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date

Not yet actually, but time's running out.

I've got to go to the job fair in the neighbouring town.

Before I do anything else, I want to drop a line to Daniel Berrigan's Plowshares in New York. I don't have much money, but I'll send them a small check and an apology that I can't spend anything else right now.

Kairos Plowshares works toward peace. They now need office spae, travel funds, and a fund in their budget for hospitality.

Their address is 618 West 138th Street #5, in New York, New York, 10031. (212) 234-2447.

I do not know yet if they have a web site. Will check and edit this if necessary later on today.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Recovering from the trek, Odin's Day

The drive back and the heat have combined to render me feeling tired, lazy, drowsy.

For now, I'll just rest and divide my early evening time between AlterNet's "Start Making Sense" and Clive Barker's Imajica.

The whole flap about the split of the AFL-CIO according to NPR seems to have missed a valuable point: the split occurred precisely because Sweeney and the power structure within the confederated unions failed to respond adequately to anti-union forces. The fact that only 12% of the American labor force shows that Sweeney and his supporters have failed to defend workers' interests enough, vis a vis Right to Work states, jobs moving to overseas firms, outsourcing, and other phenomena of globalism.

Now I've had enough of the internet until maybe come the witching hour, or the inky pre-dawn blackness. Aloha!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Vacations and the re-inventing of self

Who thought of the expression, "To re-invent one's self?" And what were the circumstances?

I'm very much hoping that I'll come away from this little vacation, not only more refreshed but also exercising regularly. We're at an hotel at a seaside resort. The ladies of the family have just voted to stay another day. That is an option. So I switched my vote, and the majority ruled.

Another thing I hope to get from this are methods and techniques for remembering to take my medication.

A third is to come away with not only ideas but a cogent plant to boost our earning potential.

Hmmmm.... the Carrington-Stokes family, now a limited liability corporation?

Sunday, July 24, 2005

The eastern sky tells of a hurricane far to the Southwest. The man has told how he left wife and children behind to come work in these lands. Posted by Picasa

Man has pondered his life in self-exile, July 2005. He left wife and children behind in Mexico City to seek a better life for them all. He drowns his woes in beer, while wishing that he could stop drinking. He enjoys a peaceful evening with a stranger, talking in Spanish. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Working America & The AFL-CIO

Last night I joined Working America, a powerful new voice on issues and
policies that affect working families.

By becoming a Working America member, I have joined hands with
millions of concerned people who believe working families
deserve good jobs, high-quality and affordable health care,
excellent education and retirement security. We are here to
provide the tools, research, information and assistance that
will help you all make a difference for working families.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Defiant hope, by Annie Franck umm Wilma Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Wilma takes the Post Office exam

She said it was hard. Much memorization of digits, addresses, names. Instructions and listening comprehension.

I got the morning off work to watch the kinder.

I told my boss I'd be back by 13:00. Time to go.

I just pray to make my way through to close of business (COB). Time now, 12:40

Friday, July 08, 2005

Anglo-American security forces lead rebound from London transit attacks

I was on my lunch break at the warehouse, getting ready to rest in the reclined seat of my extended cab pickup, when I heard the news of the attacks on the London underground and double decker bus. Later that evening, I listened to the evening radio report as I drove home to wash up in readiness to drive west to our monthly book club. Thus I had to forgo posting anything until now, when I'll be able to start including some analysis on the events.

Sir Ian Blair, the London Commissioner of Transportation, has announced the latest report on the bombings. More than 50 people were killed, and 700 wounded. This count is the latest available as we both listen and write. The authorities have deemed this a suicide attack. The train tubes are still being sifted through for bodies. Even the bus investigation is not over, "given the nature of the attack," i.e. they are still sorting and analyzing the fragments from the bomb.

Japan, Russia, Spain, and other nations are joining the condemnation and investigations into the travesty perpetrated in London. I'll be logging on this evening, after I return and wash up from the warehouse.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Ulysses, p. 386

"--Where is he till I murder him?

And Ned and J. J. paralysed with the laughing.

--Bloody wars, says I, I'll be in for the last gospel.

But as luck would have it the jarvey got the nag's head round the other way and off with him.

--Hold on, citizen, says Joe. Stop!

Begob he drew his hand and made a swipe and let fly. Mercy..."

Hmmmm... will have to look up the word "jarvey." Some sort of horse, probably.

Admiral James Stockdale, former P.O.W. dies

James Stockdale was born in Abingdon, Illinois. He was graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1947, within two years of the end of the wars in Europe and the Pacific, what we still call World War II.

During the American war in Vietnam, he was a Navy fighter pilot, based on the U.S. S. Oriskany. He flew 201 missions before he was shot down on 9 September 1985. he became the highest ranking naval officer captured during the war, according to the Navy.

He lived for seven and one half years as a prisoner of the Vietnamese Communists, enduring four years in solitary, many tortures, before being released in 1973.

He retired from the military in the year in which I was graduated from high school, in 1979. His wife Sybil, and their four sons survive him.

Monday, July 04, 2005

The Croppy Boy, as sung by Mary

The following comes to the net courtesy of and Mary. The song is a feature of The Rocks, a chapter of Joyce' Ulysses. Chapters 10-12. Notes on Joyce says of this song:

While "The Sirens" is noted for its obvious parallels to the corresponding Homeric episode, it is one of the most critically studied chapters because of Joyce's extensive musical references. Expanding the theme of "The Sirens" to music as a whole, Joyce fuses Bloom's letter with lines from the opera Martha. In the Ormond bar, Ben Dollard sings of the Croppy Boy, a young Irish boy soldier who is a revered hero of folk song. After his regiment was entirely destroyed, the Croppy Boy sought to escape before eventually finding himself trapped by a British soldier who had disguised himself as a priest.

It was early, early all in the spring
The birds did whistle and sweetly sing,
Changing their notes from tree to tree
And the song they sang was Old Ireland free.

It was early early all in the night,
The yeoman cavalry gave me a fright;
The yeoman cavalry were my downfall
And I was taken by Lord Cornwall.

'Twas in the guard-house where I was laid,
And in a parlour where I was tried;
My sentence passed and my courage low
When to Dungannon I was forced to go.

As I was passing my father's door
My brother William stood at the door;
My aged father stood at the door
And my tender mother her hair she tore.

As I was walkin' up Wexford Street
My own first cousin I chanced to meet;
My own first cousin did me betray
And for one bare guinea swore my life away.

As I was walking up Wexford Hill
Who could blame me to cry my fill?
I looked behind, and I looked before
But my aged mother I shall see no more.

And as I was standing on the scaffold high
My aged father was standing by;
My aged father did me deny
And the name he gave me was the Croppy Boy.

It was in Dungannon this young lad died
And in Dungannon his body lies.
So all good people that do pass by
Just shed a tear for the Croppy Boy.

[I've taken the liberty to modify the verse from what appears on the page to what is actually sung by Mary, with one addition of my own, which is to change "man" in the last written verse to "lad." This is not meant to take anything away from the memory of the man who died, but to add poignancy to a young life cut short.]

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!

A New York Times reporter tells a little on the rescue

One Navy Seal has been rescued. He's able to speak. He's been transported to a hospital in Europe. Search efforts continue.

Missing special ops warrior found alive and well!

One of the missing special ops military from the engagement in which the Chinook crashed was found alive and well. More details as they come out via radio.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Jack Dalton tells us about Benderman's unit

Today we are going deeper into an investigation into why people commit to opposing the war. What do they hope to accomplish? What matters most to them? I found a message posted on Singleton, who has a web project called Old American Century.

First a brief forward from POAC co-editor Jack Dalton. He had received an email a few moments ago from Kevin’s wife Monica. In it she has told him a total of 22 people in Sgt Benderman’s unit have refused to deploy to Iraq. 17 have gone AWOL and 2 have attempted suicide. The status of the remaining 3 is unknown at this time. Those at the POAC fully support the decision to refuse deployment to Iraq which has been made by Sgt Benderman, and the others in his unit.

From the Associated Press, we have the following: "Sgt. Kevin Benderman, 40, said he became morally opposed to war after seeing it firsthand during his first Iraq tour. Now he faces a possible court-martial after failing to deploy Friday with his unit.

" 'I told them that I refused deployment because I just couldn't go back over there,' Benderman said Wednesday. 'If I'm going to sit up there and tell everyone that I do not believe in war, why would I go back to a war zone?' "

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Word from Wimbledon: Venus W. Queen of the Court

This is just in from the Yahoo headlines:

A wild Venus double-fault at 30-30 in the following game gave Davenport a match point but she could only watch in disbelief as Venus swiped a backhand winner.

Playing on pure instinct, Davenport came under attack at 7-7 and this time Venus edged ahead in the match for the first time since the opening game, battering a winner past her lunging opponent on her third break point.

Davenport looked beaten and although she was given a life when Venus wobbled with another double fault at 40-0, there was no way back as she hit a forehand into the net.

"I felt like she deserved it," said Davenport after the two hour, 45 minute epic.

Those who attended the Bloomsday celebration and Joycean lecture by Frank Clancy at Kevin Barry's pub and restaurant, 16 June 2005. Photos courtesy of Bob Matthews of the Savannah Morning News and Anna de la Paz of AASU's Public Relations Department. Posted by Picasa

Professor Frank Clancy elaborates on Joyce's Ullyses, 16 June 2005 (Photos courtesey of Bob Matthews of the Savannah Morning News, and Anna de la Paz of AASU They were kind enough to share these photos after I had informed them mine came out fuzzy).  Posted by Picasa

Week in review, and Happy Fourth of July!

Time now, 9:23. Still on first cup of coffee. Listening to the news on Sandra Day O'Conner's retirement. Children playing peacefully, happily in their room. Wife out "doing yard sales."

Time for a refill. Coffee with cream, but not too light.

Am trying to recall an idea I had for a novel, yesterday, when I had no paper, but was sitting in a dark cinema supervising my toddler. Oh, I remember it now, quite clearly. Thank God.

Got to go get a flag holder for the front of our house. I'll be leaving the house within a quarter of an hour.

Subjects to review and ponder: recent developments in Iraq, Supreme Court and Sandra Day O'Connor, China and the global economy, migrations and immigrations. The World Aid Concert against Hunger. This concert is held in sych with a G-8 Summit in Scotland. Summer reading. The Energy Bill in the Senate and House. Afghanistan, the Balkans, and Africa.

Friday, July 01, 2005

T.G.I.F. First of July 2005 A.D. At home after work

Pockets emptied, clothes removed. Showered. Dried and cooled, in my checked boxers. On my second beer now. One of the newer brands. Won't mention it unless they pay me. Hey, yeah, you, Mr. Advertising Exec, give me a call, send me an email! I'm open to negotiation.