Thursday, June 23, 2005

Support political asylum for the McAllister family

Irish Northern Aid Action Network

Support political asylum for the McAllister family

It is down to the wire for the McAllister family. A Court of Appeals
judgment on their asylum request is expected any day. Meanwhile,
Congressional representatives are working to persuade Michael Chertoff,
Secretary of Homeland Security, to intervene in this case and grant the family

One year ago, Malachy’s wife, Bernadette McAllister lost her battle
with cancer just six weeks after diagnosis on her 46th birthday. With
Bernadette's death, Malachy now has to raise his children without their
mother and continue to fight the U.S. government to stop the deportation
of his family to Northern Ireland where their lives would be in

The McAllister's request for political asylum has been denied, and they
have appealed this decision to the U.S. Third Circuit Court of Appeals.
Should their appeal fail, they are in danger of being deported to
Northern Ireland.

Your help is critically needed at this juncture. Please contact your
Congressmembers and Senators and ask them to add their names to the
letter by Congressmen Steve Rothman and Peter King, requesting that
Secretary Chertoff suspend the deportation proceedings for the McAllister

The McAllister Family Justice Campaign and the offices of Congressmen
Rothman and King worked tirelessly to make the June 8th briefing and
press conference in Washington DC a reality and directly contacted more
than 200 members of Congress. We ask you lend your voice to this effort
and contact your representatives right away. Nothing is as effective as
a direct contact from a constituent.



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