Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Still requesting submissions for literary journal

Thus far, this Meeting Place by the old Live Oak, whatever live oak you may have conceived or imagined or remembered in your own mind--in our collective minds then there is a forest of Live Oaks,most of which may have the Spanish Moss hanging from them, ivory billed woodpeckers, mocking birds, red cockaded woodpeckers, squirrels, rock lizards, anoles,in short, a myriad of fauna and flora--this Meeting Place has been rather lonely, just a haven for my thoughts to take flight, or crawl, as they may.

However, when others begin to share, this will no longer be mine own, but a group effort. My own diary or journal shall revert to being private, being stored on my own hard drive, with hard copy and a disk copy.

I'm sitting under a make-shift leanto, under the Old Live Oak, waiting for you to write to me, to send me some art, so that we may begin this adventure together.


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