Monday, June 20, 2005

Open letter to Senator Dick Durbin, Illinois

Honorable Senator Durbin:
I have just got off the telephone with my father, J.Peter Creighton, Sr. son of Mary Allensworth Creighton, late and formerly editor of The Galesburg Post, founder of the Milk Fund, and strong supporter of the late Senator Adlai Stevenson of the great state of Illinois.

My father advised me that he is in support of your stance vis a vis the Guantanamo facility. That is to say, we believe very much that there should be reforms in Guantanamo. I have encouraged my father to write or call you to voice your support. Also, I've encouraged my father to write to the White House.

Although I'm a vet of OIF --the war in Iraq -- I am vehemently opposed to maintaining an indefinite stay. However, we must not present a time-table which can encourage the jihadists, Baathists, or any enemy. This must be handles between a Senate and or House committee(s) with as much secrecy as is possible within the halls of Congress.

As to Guantanamo and our system of incarceration, I am very clearly advocating that we give the prisoners a status of legitimate combatants, thereby recognizing what the rest of the world has already acknowledged --these men, however evil or confused their motivation be, are partisans of an organized entity or entities which have developed to oppose and destroy us. We will not, shall not, should not, release them any time soon. But they must be treated according to the Geneva Conventions, they must be treated as we would like our prisoners to be treated, that is, humanely, with dignity, with the respect that should be accorded sentient beings, human beings.

I thank you, good Senator, and your staff, for taking the time to to consider this entreaty. On behalf of the Creighton families of Galesburg, Illinois, and Glennville, Georgia, I wish you a good and safe summer.

John-Peter Creighton II


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