Saturday, June 18, 2005

More discussion on race, immigration, lynching, etc.

NOT Being Destroyed, people
by: hajgora7 (44/M/Georgia, USA) 06/18/05 11:56 am from Top > Cultures & Community > Issues and Causes > Race Relations >Mexico and "Wake up, White America!"
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Some of you are making a calculated attempt to fearmonger, to create a panic and backlash against immigration and liberality. You know that presently you are in the minority of opinion, so you are desparate to recruit any gullible mentalities to your reactionary cause of hate, your desire to effect once again what Hitler and the Brown Shirts achieved against the Weimar Republic of Germany.
The intent of multiculturalism and pluralistic democractic republicanism is not to force people to mix, but to ensure that tolerance is practiced. It is not to your interest to support tolerance, because this means you will have to share some of the resources of this great nation. You seem to want the lion's share of the Lebensraum. The overall effect of your arguments is that you appear specious, disingenious.

You quibble at spelling and minor points, while ignoring the beams in your own spiritual eyesight. You are very much the hypocrites against whom Jesus declared during his teaching.

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