Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Midweek review, Odin's day evening 29 June 2005

_____[This entry begun 19:50] Well, what a weekend have we left behind, and what a week this has been! Friday, we learned that while Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld declared that we, meaning the U.S. military-industrial and transnational alliance, will not win the war in Iraq, but rather it will be the legitimate Iraqi government winning it with our help, elsewhere General John Abizaid admitted that there were more insurgents by the Army's estimate (or was it the joint military services estimate, and is there such a thing?) than ever, since the start of fighting in March 2003.

Last night, we listened to our Commander in Chief, and President of the United States, George W. Bush, tell us how we should and we would tough this war out together, as one nation, to defeat terrorism once and for all. [As with the above announcements, I paraphrase, until I have time to check with other written material. Give me a break, I'm bushed, exhausted by both a ten hour shift today and teaching last night, and with my sleep apnea, for which the most modern prescription medicine available through the VA is of no avail.

Meanwhile, my dueling with the racial supremacists, most of them apparently white supremacists, has come to either a standstill or been raised to a new level of tension, depending on how you see the situation, given the evidence on "Wake Up, White America!" under the Race Relations set of dialogue threads under the Social Issues and Community chapter in the Bulletin Boards. Some one of them, as I expected, found some of my posts elsewhere, which sought background info in these folks. What can these people expect, these characters who want to hide under the cloak of anonymity while casting the most outrageous and specious arguments, patently false yet spun with the highest degree of sophistry? Do they honestly believe that their statements are NOT being analyzed by various agencies of the government and even paragovernmental organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League or Jewish Defense League? They are either very stupid, or playing the role in an effort to put one off one's guard. Openness is not an option for these extremists.


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