Monday, June 27, 2005

Late late night, from Sunday into Monday

____Maybe I should have title this, "postings of an drunk Irish Judaeo-Muslim Mexican-American."
____Oh boy, the young men and womyn who post on "Wake Up, White America!" would have a hey day with that one. Whatever. I'm on my fifth half pint of beer. I doubt I'll get to three pints. Yes, I'm an alcoholic. Glad to be here. (I silently raise my glass in tribute to the moon goddess, for which Monday is named. How would you use the word eponymous here?)
____So I enjoyed a whole day out with the lad, on a trip to "The City." We drove the two hour trip so's we could attend the Meeting for Worship of the Society of Friends who meet in this coastal area. The weather was pleasant, the vehicle was in good shape, and I'd actually had a good night's rest, and didn't have any pressing issues on my mind as we set out on the highway toward the coast from our little hope among the swamnps.
____So's we get to the Meeting place, and find the doors barred. Someone had forgot to leave them open, or the Methodists, whose building it is, since we're renting from them, are up to a tactic to get us to come sit with them. I wouldn't put it past some of them. But that's O.K. The stranger who'd come from Philadelphia, a "genuine article Quaker" to the rest of us wanna bees, my son and I stepped gingerly into the back of the church space as the children were putting on their skits, songs, and readings for the adults sitting in the pews.
____We ended up walking silently but steadfastly toward the door to the right of the tabernacle after the preaching by a man who recounted what his own summer Bible camp had done for him as a youth. I had missed that, since I suddenly remembered I'd left the newspaper's camera in the cab of the pickup truck, and this in downtown Savannah. Anyhow, we three got to the Meeting in time for the last 15 minutes of worship and sharing.
____It was so good to meet and share in fellowship in Christ with the others at the Meeting. Thank God.



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