Monday, May 30, 2005

by Marietherese Jorge's daughter
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With all the uproar raised recently at the death of the great John Paul II, I would like to make some observations on the repeated claims that he should have determined the ordination of priestesses, or female priests, and also allow that priests be married.

The critics say that he should have taken a stronger stand aginst the sexual abuse within the priest hood. We have to realize that anybody, priest or not, who commits such execrable crime is NOT following the guidelins of the Catholic church, but acting on his own accountability. And John Paul II DID speak very strongly against it.

Our Lord Jesus Christ chose as his apostles only mailes and gave them the task:

___"Go and preach to all the nations baptizing in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit."

___At the Institution of the Holy Eucharist he ordered to the Twelve, all males:

____"Do this in memory of Me."

Not even His Mother was given such a commission. It's evident that He meant only males to celebrate Mass and consecreate his body and blood.

[first published as a letter to the editor in The Zephyr, then in the Register Mail of Galesburg, Illinois]

______do I agree with the above? no. do I agree with her freedom of expression? yes


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