Saturday, April 16, 2005

Stretching, singing opera exercises, in my flannel housecoat

The day after Tax Day. Two days after the big gathering, feast, dubbed "Law Enforcement Appreciation Day." That event, held annually, is hosted by a local land baron. All the law enforcement agencies, mostly county sherriff's offices, and some politicos, and many public persons come to attend, to hob nob, to "refresh themselves" with drink, country music and some popular jazz and oldies, and honor law enforcement.

This was my first one. I got to see our local state senator, meet and greet a few individuals, including Madame Mayor and our acting Police Chief.

It's ironic to me that the invite came to me from a man who is not from this country, who stopped by the college, and let me know in an aside. I'd been interested in this since I got out of the Army two years ago.

The Governor was in attendance, having flown in on helicopter. I was too late to see him though.


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