Sunday, April 24, 2005

I discover a lively poetry scene in Savannah

That we would meet is inevitable, now that I'm emerging from my post-Iraq lethargy, and also have the free time to explore. But there's one more thing needed to make it happen, which was that I decided and pushed hard to be re-born as an artist, as a person who, one might judge from a cursory glance at my curriculum vitae, had not accomplished much in a worldly sense.

Recently I took the opportunity to make some forays into Savannah. It was early on a Saturday evening that I learned about a Poetry Festival which happened this weekend. Unfortunately, it was well underway, and I was with my family, two of whom are two little to be keeping them a long time in the city. I decided to come today, but early on decided that since I've got to be at the warehouse at 0600, an evening event was too much for me to manage, and still keep my equilibrium. This latter involves my hustling after hours to complete the Financial Aid Form, or FAFNA.

So this Spring Poetry event turns out to be hosted by The Spitfire Poetry Group, an association of poets in the tradition of hip hop and slam poetry.


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