Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Doin' resume's

Am sending out resume's and cover letters. Here is a sample of a cover letter:

Display all headersDate: 19 Apr 2005 21:26:45 -0000
To: ********************
From: hajgora7@yahoo.com

Dear Sir or Ma'am:

Here I introduce myself, Northern by birth, but Southern by choice, a man with the drive, motivation, and the organization you require to put Community Outreach at the top of the competitors in its market segment.

I possess a valid Georgia driver's license--yes, I am a transplant! --have a clean record, am organized, efficient, thoroughly fluent in not only Spanish but also in French and English. I've four years of experience as a personnel clerk in the areas of finance and human management, and four years experience as an engineer in the mighty United States Army Engineers. I can drive like James Bond or I can gently drive Ms. Daisy, can maintain my vehicle as well as Tom and Ray Magliozzi of Car Talk, and can keep the necessary paperwork squared away to the standard of the most obsessive compulsive without losing any time in the process. I have the people skills of a Puff Daddy or a Reverend Jesse Jackson.

And there's more! Not only can I wrte and provide art for original and attention-grabbing marketing media, including classifieds, or ad copy, but I have four DIFFERENT web logs, EACH of which reaches out to a different market sector, in which I can place web advertising and other promotions to extend and intensify your market reach many times over.

I look forward to discussing with you how my skill set, energy, and experience can serve Community Outreach Project.


Jean-Pierre Tarik Abu Gareth





(HTML and ASCII versions of resume were attached)


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