Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Back to work, day and night

I stayed in the city late, thinking to pick up some news and also fill out an application, which is getting easier and easier the more I do. Before, I would feel as if I had to take them home, so I could do them "perfectly." Now, I do them well without worrying if every telephone number is up to date or the print has a typed appearance. I think that before, an obsessive compulsion was slowing me down to the point it was hurting my ability to ask for work.

As I drove back through the swamps, pine plantations, and darkness, I finished listening to Malika Oufkir's Stolen Lives, on Miramax cassette tapes. It's a very compelling account, and well told. I hope to do a review this weekend, which I'll post both here and on the Islamic nations tour of the Arabic learners' group.


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