Friday, March 25, 2005

Venturing beyond Yahoo and Blogger

I feel as if I've tramped around among the Yahoo bulletin boards, even through Blogger. So in the last few weeks I've begun to return and explore once again the sites in the Lycos realm, and yesterday started again delving into the Microsoft Networks. I feel like a character in a William Gibson story.

Have even experimented with accessing the Net via my cell phone. I couldn't do it in town, since we live in a dead zone, but I could do it when we went to the big city on weekends, or in the next town over to the west. And I cancelled it when we decided to splurge on DSL. (I'll be posting another little piece that I've saved as a draft for this week in review).

One of the first blogs, Keith Olberman's Bloggerman, which I checked out in the MSN realm has a reasonable take on the Terri Schiavo tragedy.


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