Monday, March 07, 2005

Sunny Monday, start of another work week

13:00 Such a pretty day, one might think this should be a holiday. Yesterday was the anniversary of the founding of the city of Toronto, which first was called York. But today? Have yet to check the almanacs. I worked late last night, and found it hard to get up this morning, still not getting my ideal of eight hours of sleep.

The on-line resume' I worked to update last night is too long! Got to shorten it! And I need to try to get a face to face with a manager at a local institute regarding a job. O.K. I've edited again. Looks better now, if still too long for a hard copy resume'.

Yikes! I found I'd accidentally taken some educational materials that belonged to a different NGO. I'll go retrieve them after this post, return them to the rightful owners. Oh, geez, I feel bad. Better go take care of that quick.


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