Sunday, March 13, 2005

Sun day, Three and tenth day third month

1st day week, 13th day of the 3rd month. 13th hour and 8th minute. Sun shining. Short sleeves' weather.

Drug trade activity not heavily apparent. Some kids, maybe with gang colors wending their way down our street. Who knows.

Listening to "From the Top." Have been doing some paint, but my kids' have more talent than I today. Am in neutral mode today. Just want to vedj'.

Well, almost five hours later, I've gone from the house, driven to Camp Swampy, and come back again at the monitor. Am listening with one ear to Weekend Edition. Enjoyed a St. Peter's English Ale for the first time. And I found a couple of gems to share with you all.

First, while visiting the Dublin Global Chat Room this morning, I got a reference to an on-line journal and association of journalists and writers. They've got some promising writers and good links to universities and other literary links. Besides, they're running a contest with lucrative prizes. Check it out:

$10,000.00 - Grand Prize - Awarded annually to the best and most active writer.

$1,000.00 - First Prize - Awarded annually to the best writer.

$500.00 - Second Prize - Awarded annually to the most active writer.

$250.00 - Value Prize - Awarded monthly to the month's most dedicated writer and participant. This prize is usually web storage space or hosting but may also include other prizes of an equal value.

Sharper Image Wireless Weather Station with Atomic Clock and Rain Gauge - Raffled on June 30th, 2005. Every member is eligible. Each piece of writing submitted is an extra ticket. One ticket is drawn at random to select the winner.


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