Monday, March 07, 2005

Selected poetry from Rasgos

The dissonant harmony of screaming chords,
stretched or scratched as flint on glass,
the martial striving of woodwinds,
the primal throaty yell--
these sounds a triumphant weeping
of snow-covered volcano and bonsai
on windswept cliff.
i thrill in exquisite joy
am i yes i am
yours forever in this moment
of the courage to immortalize this moment
i surrender myself to the greatest law
and to the least being.

Your love is in me and i
am within you in our dream
let me offer myself as an appetizer
before you have sampled of earth's feast

i laugh at my awkwardness
in joyful tears
and hope to sprout wings
with which to soar
in the grace of our sacrifice.
_________Can i treasure this moment?
will live only if i give it away...

You had surrendered your existence to me
in a breath, and i could not accept
the responsibility, but gave you back
your lonely freedom.
Then we each breathed in chill sea breeze.

Your musk, like a heavy liquor of day lily
i savour and keep, savour and weep.
Who am i to dare taste of this nectar?

A savannah in flame is
a terrible thing to behold;
but is the memory of your eyes,
the remembrance of the touch
of my lips and yours, my skin
and your fingers, any less painful?

_________Memphis, Tennessee
_________St. John's Day
_________27 December 1989


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