Tuesday, March 08, 2005

An Iraqi refugee speaks via the Internet

In the Yahoo group, Tomb Raider--the Ride, I found this unlikely message:

Hi there,

I am SAM, an Iraqi refugee living in Lebanon at the moment; I have spent the
last 10 years of my life as a refugee registered with the UNHCR in Beirut. Thelast 4 years, I have spent as an activist for peace and human rights (especially
refugees and asylum seekers) on the Internet; I'm also books author and ebooks
publisher. I have launched many campaigns to improve our situation as refugees
in Lebanon and hopefully bring more understanding to our problems worldwide. I
helped make many changes and improvements at the UNHCR office in Beirut; I used
the Internet as the field for my activities (you can read more about that in my
free ebook ‘MY CAMPAIGNS’). All my ebooks could be download from my websites,
all my ebooks are free.

This is my newest campaign, it’s about the illegal and humiliating actions of
the UNHCR, who using photos of refugees as banners and human-buttons to collect
money. This is an abuse of the dignity and humanity of the refugees and must
stop immediately and a clear public apology present by The United Nations High
Commissioner for Refugees. My friends, I am talking about the pictures you can
see here:

Unfortunately, some hacker or somebody got his web link connected to a virgin porn site, which I backed out of before it loaded, fearing a plethora of pop-ups and possibly a virus, a worm, or more... But I searched for his name plus U.N.H.C.R. and got a good link.


At Tuesday, March 08, 2005 11:37:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think this guy may have already made a significant presence in internet. I found his "truth warrior" web site --http://www.truthwarrior.com/

I wonder if we'll be reading or hearing about him on NPR or Fox?


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