Wednesday, March 16, 2005

GPB fundraiser: 'Tis that time of the year again!

What time? you say? March Madness? Yes, but I'm talking about something else too --time for the fundraiser for Georgia Public Broadcasting. Of course, if you live somewhere else, you may be more inclined to support your state or province's public broadcasting entity, but since I live here I'll write or talk about GPB and you may mentally fill in your own community broadcasting or public communications service.

Those of you, who have read this blog, may have found mention of NPR or GPB programming. In our household, we have NPR tuned in and we're listening to it the way many American households have their television sets on. Oh, and we watch GPB too, every morning and some evenings. Our children watch the children's programming in the morning, usually from 06:00 till 10:00 at least.

We also watch NOVA or National Geographic, or some other program on history, sociology, arts, or literature. I've even found myself watching the sports and cheerleading from schools right here in Georgia. Mind you, I'm not what most people would call a sports fan. But GPB and NPR encourage the spirit of inquiry. I find myself having fun learning, and learning to have fun.

One other great thing about this public broadcasting is that it is practically non-commercial. Really, there are NO commercials, not like you have with other advertisement-based television. Other than a few discrete and short messages giving credit to sponsors, you are not presented with the crass marketing and other high-powered advertising that interrupts other channels' programming. So you can watch a story, or concentrate on a history, science program, or other educational or artistic presentation. And THAT is a wonderful thing in this day and age.

So give what you can to your public radio and television. Keep in mind now that there is a generous amount of web content too that corresponds to these other two more traditional media. If you are not familiar with NPR, GPB, or any of the other state or province public communications services, you may start by checking out GPB and NPR. I'll be revisiting these and other related services in the future, as a way of encouraging you all to learn, support learning and the arts, and these valuable services.


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