Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Catching up on recent history from Ireland

Forwarded from From INAC
To: Unit chairs, regional directors,
members of the board
From: Gerry Coleman
Re: 1] Background: Arrests in Dublin,
Cork and Cash find at Belfast
PSNI complex
2] Gerry Adams’ Statement

Date: 19 February 2005

It is unclear where things stand at the moment.
Gerry Adams’ remarks
which follow states the situation best
and the attitude Irish Northern
Aid will assume at the present time.

Look for a long, drawn out investigation
featuring uneven police work,
strategic leaks, and innuendo.
It suits those opposed to the peace
process on one side, and those
opposed to Sinn Fein for political gain
on the other, to drag this out
into the months ahead or for as long as
it has legs.

The real danger is that the Good Friday Agreement
and moving the peace
process will be put on the back burner.

1] Background: Arrests in Dublin and Cork;
Cash find in Belfast
PSNI sports complex

Media reports and Garda statements
indicate the arrest of seven people
and cash seizures in Dublin and Cork
allegedly associated with the
Northern Bank robbery in December 2004.
Garda Commissioner Noel
Conroy told a news conference Thursday
night that police were still in
the early stages of their investigation.
He said, "We are following
quite a number of lines as to where
the money may have come from, and
naturally enough, one of those relates
to the Northern Bank robbery."

Another Garda spokesman, Superintendent
Kevin Donohoe, said: “It
should be clearly understood
that this is an extremely complex
investigation with many facets
which require further extensive
inquiries. While Gardai are satisfied
with the extensive progress
made within the last three days,
it can be expected that this
investigation will continue for some time
. . . in light of this,
Gardai will not be disclosing
any further detailed aspects of this


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