Thursday, March 31, 2005

Back on line, thanks to our tech man.

We had a monkey wrench thrown in the works Tuesday through Thursday afternoon, no thanks at all, or thanks, depending on your point of view or disposition, to Alltel, Siemen's Speedstream 5200, and our thinking that AVG Professional Edition combined with either of two firewalls we had, one of which was supposedly built into the 5200. Oh, and the Windows XP. But I'll leave the topic alone now. My only admonition or advice is to use Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird, get yourselves weaned off of Windows XP and Outlook. I cannot recommend Mozilla enough. And if you've any degree of patience, and don't rely on your computer for a living, don't rush into DSL. We might have done better to have our computer man, who has become greatly elevated in our regard, install our DSL for us. Ah, but the price of wisdom, so dearly bought!

Good to be back at the desk again.


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