Friday, March 25, 2005

-25 March 2005: The week in review

Our second week with DSL is at its end, and we are still having problems: slow performance, freezing, and mail not sending and half the time not getting here. What gives? Still tweaking it. The service is provided by Alltel, with hardware and software from Siemens.

We'll see. In the meantime, I am still looking for work. The agency where I was working as a communications officer has allowed me to resign. Why? Not a simple story, I regret to say. Part of it is I'm a male working in an domain which is traditionally female. Part of it is, I'm a Yankee serving in a community where the ghost of Jim Crow casts a heavy shadow, a presence still felt like a chill on the spine in wet weather.

I fielded a call initiated by a redneck whose vehicle got a rock or brick thrown at it. Rather than let the police handle it, this guy went back to find the culprits. Seems he and maybe his wife or his father in law complained to the agency about me. I didn't get to read the complaint. But I resigned with the provision that negative comments won't be entered into my state record. I'm just glad no body was hurt. That crazy redneck apparently was packing heat.

I'm relieved not to have to work there anymore. Freedom! Such a sweet feeling, when you have it.


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