Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Time out for daughter and gardening

I had intended to start no later than 0900 with gardening at old Mr. Fenwick's garden a block away. His daughter got us together on this work, since he needed a gardener, and I needed more work while I'm getting my writing and teaching studies together.

Annie-Franck, however, missed her bus today, while I was sitting with Altgeld in my lap, watching Arthur and Clifford. I decided we needed to reduce this dependence on motor transport. After all, we live only a little over a half a mile to the school! Annie Franck has gotten used to riding her beloved yellow school bus. Although we used to enjoy many walks together, what with her time in pre-K and my transitioning schedule into teaching and writing and municipal work, we've fallen out of the habit of walking. She broke into tears and declarations that she would rather stay home then, where it's "more fun" than, presumably, going to school cranky from missing your bus and maybe going to bed the night before a half hour or so late.

Finally, we all walked, with me pushing Altgeld in the stroller, while Wilma walked with Annie. And it turns out today a vet and a violinist come to the school to help the children learn the letter "V!" Fine. I like the science and art aspect of all this. As for the letters, Annie came to pre-K already reading and printing by hand. The last two weeks she's begun learning cursive script. And her Spanish is coming along nicely. Thank G-d.


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