Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Second month, first day,tenth hour

Tomorrow is Chinese New Year, isn't it? And Ground Hog's Day. And I'm not ready for either. Today's the birthday of Langston Hughes. The following is from Writers' Almanac:

"Born in Joplin, Missouri (1902). He was a prominent figure
in the Harlem Renaissance and he wrote over 50 books
in his lifetime. He was also a journalist.
His first assignment came in 1937, when he worked
as the Madrid correspondent for the
Baltimore Afro-American during the Spanish Civil War.

Hughes went on to write a witty column for
the black weekly Chicago Defender from 1942 until 1965,
which took what he called a 'laugh to
keep from crying' approach to looking at racial intolerance.
Hughes said, 'Humor is laughing at what
you haven't got when you ought to
have it.' "
I've got to do some more research and sketch out my writing for today. My daughter's still sick with her ear infection. Our savings are dwindling. I need to find more work. The floor in the kitchen needs replacing. The windows and doors need insulating. My ESL curriculum needs restoring. My wife's wrists seem to be afflicted by arthritis or carpo-tunnel. We're still waiting to hear from our insurance company about some treatment for her voice.


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