Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Last day of the old year in Chinese calendar

What was it? Year of the Rat? Tomorrow, 9th February, will usher to us the Year of the Rooster. It's happening even as I type. Already, in some places, I imagine, people have welcomed in the new Year.

On this day in history, McCarthy began his anti-Red crusade in the United States. Do you enjoy contests of triva questions and answers? Do you like history? Then visit freequizzes, and while you're surfing the web, go to the History Channel's site too. I found a rather intriguing though very short-lived web log, a sort of history almanac, running from April to December 2000. Too bad the author didn't continue and develop the theme, which he played with under the title Twisted History. Perhaps he will pass the torch on to some other enterprising blogger or web page developer.

It's time for a backgammon match. Cheers!


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